Food Science Universe (FSU)

Teacher Corner (B.Sc Subject Wise Books)

Scheme of Studies: B.Sc. (Hons)/B.S. Food Science & Technology (HEC Approved)

Semester Course Title Contents Books
1st Introduction to Food Science and Technology PDFPDF
2nd General Food Microbiology PDFPDF
Principles of Human Nutrition PDFPDF
3rd Food Chemistry PDFPDF
Food Processing & Preservation PDFPDF
4th Fluid Mechanics PDFPDF
Food Analysis PDFPDF
Food Plant Layout PDFPDF
Food Process Engineering I PDFPDF
Unit Operations in Food Processing PDFPDF
5th Cereal Technology PDFPDF
Food Process Engineering II PDFPDF
Food Toxicology and Safety PDFPDF
Fruit and Vegetable Processing PDFPDF
Instrumental Techniques in Food Analysis PDFPDF
Sugar Technology PDFPDF
Technology of Fats and Oils PDFPDF
6th Bakery Products Technology PDFPDF
Beverage Technology PDFPDF
Community Nutrition and Dietetics PDFPDF
Confectionery and Snack Foods PDFPDF
Food Microbiology PDFPDF
Food Product Development and Service Management PDFPDF
Postharvest Technology PDFPDF
7th Dairy Technology PDFPDF
Food Biotechnology PDFPDF
Food Laws and Regulations PDFPDF
Food Safety and Laws PDFPDF
Food Packaging PDFPDF
Meat Technology PDFPDF
Poultry and Egg Processing PDFPDF
Research Projects and Scientific Writing PDFPDF
8th Extrusion Technology PDFPDF
Food Quality Management PDFPDF
Milk and Meat Hygiene and Public Health PDFPDF
Sea Food Processing Technology PDFPDF
Sensory Evaluation of Foods PDFPDF
Internship and Report Writing (Related Industry) PDFPDF
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