Food Science Universe (FSU)

Food Process Engineering

B.Sc 4th and 5th Semesters (FST)

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Handbook of Waste Management and Co-Product Recovery in Food Processing (Volume 1) Keith Waldron, Food Processing Principles and Applications J. Scott Smith and Y. H. Hui, Food Processing Technology Principles and Practice (2nd Edition) P. Fellows, Introduction to Food Engineering (Fourth Edition) R. Paul Singh & Dennis R. Heldman, Agricultural Process Engineering S.M. Henderson & R.L. Perry, Food Process Engineering and Technology Zeki Berk, Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering (Third Edition) Romeo T. Toledo, Innovation in Food Engineering (New Techniques and Products) Maria Laura Passos & Claudio P. Ribeiro, Extraction Optimization in Food Engineering Coustantina Tzia & George Liadakis, Automation For Food Engineering (Food Quality Quantization and Process Control) Yanbo Huang & A. Dale Whittaker & Ronald E. Lacey



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