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B.Sc 3rd/M.Sc & PhD Semesters (FST)

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Texture in Food (Volume 1: Semi-solid Foods) Brian M. McKenna, Food Texture and Viscosity: Concept and Measurement (Second Edition) Malcolm C. Bourne,  Food Materials Science and Engineering Bhesh Bhandari and Yrjö H. Roos, Proteins in Food Processing (2nd Edition) Rickey Y. Yada,  Handbook of Food Proteins G. O. Phillips and P. A. Williams,  Fennema’s Food Chemistry Srinivasan Damodaran Kirk L. Parkin & Owen R. Fennema (4th Edition),  Food Chemistry  David E. Newton,  Food Chemistry Owen R. Fennema (3rd Edition),  Principles of Food Chemistry John M. deMan (3rd Edition),  Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Components Zdzisław E. Sikorski (3rd Edition),  Food Lipids Chemistry Nutrition and Biotechnology Casimir C. Akoh & Georgia David B. Min (2nd Edition),  Proteins in Food Processing R. Y. Yada,  Food Biochemistry and Food Processing Benjamin K. Simpson (2nd Edition),  Basic Concepts in Biochemistry Hiram F. Gilbert (2nd Edition), Advances in Food Biochemistry Fatih Yildiz, A Manual For Biochemistry Protocols Aaron Zefrin Fernandis Markus R. Wenk, Food Flavour Technology Andrew J. Taylor & Robert S.T. Linforth (2nd Edition),  Food The Chemistry of its Components T. P. Coultate (4th Edition), An Introduction to the Physical Chemistry of Food Dennis R. Heldman & John N. Coupland, Biochemistry of Milk Products A. T. Andrews & J. Varley, Chemistry of Foods  EU Legal and Regulatory Approaches Daniele Pisanello, Chemometrics in Food Chemistry Federico Marini



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