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B.Sc 7th, 8th/M.Sc & PhD Semesters (FST)

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Traditional Dairy Products M. Ranganadham Sathish Kumar M. H. Devraja H. C. & F. C. Garg, Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk Products J. B. Prajapati I. Sankara Reddy & V. Sreeja, Principles of Dairy Machine Design S. Ravi Kumar, Packaging of Dairy Products H.G. Patel & Hiral Modha, Market Milk Latha Sabikhi & Y. Kotilinga Reddy, Information Technology in Dairy Industry A. P. Ruhil & R. R. B. Singh, Ice cream Frozen Dessert A.Jana & Suneeta Pinto, Fat Rich Dairy Products Technology Yogesh Khetra & Sathish Kumar, Dairy Plant Design And Layout Sunil M. Patel & A.G. Bhadania, Dairy Engineering S. Ravi Kumar, By Products Technology Vijay Kumar, Condensed and Dried Milk H. G. Patel, Chemistry of Milk K.S. Sarma, Cheese Technology S. K. Kanawjia & Yogesh Khetra, Dairy Processing Handbook Gösta Bylund (Tetra Pak Processing Systems Sweden), Dairy Science and Technology Pieter Walstra Jan T. M. Wouters & Tom J. Geurts (2nd Edition), Dairy Processing & Quality Assurance Ramesh C. Chandan Arun Kilara & Nagendra P. Shah, Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing Ramesh C. Chandan & Arun Kilara, Dairy Chemistry and Biochemistry P.F. Fox & P.L.H. McSweeney, Microbiology Handbook Dairy Products Rhea Fernandes, Animal Nutrition and Product Quality Laboratory Manual Monika Zaklouta, Advances in Processing and Quality Assurance of Dairy Foods Dr. Chand Ram, A Laboratory Manual on Chemical Analysis of Milk Proteins Rajesh Kumar Ram Bhagat Sangwan & Bimlesh Mann, A Laboratoray Handbook For the Analysis of Milk Butter and Cheese James Rittenhouse Evans B.S,  Primary Production and Processing Standard for Dairy Products Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code,  Fundamentals of Cheese Science Patrick F. Fox Timothy P. Guinee Timothy M. Cogan & Paul L. H. McSweeney, Handbook of Milk Composition Robert G. Jensen, Hygienic Milk Handling Processing and Marketing Lusato R. Kurwijila (Volume 1), Laboratory Catalogue For Milk Analysis K. Schaefer, Manual For Analysis of Milk and Milk Products Fssai, Manual on Milk Safety Quality and Hygiene G. S. Pandey & G.C.J. Voskuil, Milk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition Ellen Muehlhoff Anthony Bennett & Deirdre McMahon Milk and Milk Products FAO (2nd Edition), Milk Cheese and Butter Keynsiiam & Near Bristol, Milk Processing and Quality Management Adnan Y. Tamime, Milk Processing Technologies for Small Scale Producers Abebe Tessema & Markos Tibbo, Ministerial Ordinance on Milk and Milk products Concerning Compositional Standards Ministry of Health and Welfare Ordinance No. 52 December 27 1951, Quality Control of Milk and Processing Sri K. Vishweshwar Dr. N. Krishnaiah & Dr. P. Sunder Reddy, Technical Regulations of The Eurasian Economic Community Customs Union Milk and Dairy Products Eurasian Economic Community, Technological Advances in the Utilization of Dairy By-Products Vijay Kumar Gupta, The Nutritional Composition of Dairy Products The Dairy Council, Training Manual for the Development of the Milk Marketing Chain Michael Kibiego, Yogurt Science and Technology Tamime and Robinson’s (3rd Edition), Yogurt Science and Technology 1 A. Y. Tamime & R. K. Robinson, Canadian Dairy Farm Milk & Meat Quality Assurance Program Annette Moore, Code of Hygienic Practice for Meat CAC/RCP 58-2005, Meat Hygiene Assessment Greg Read (2nd Edition), Meat Hygiene Controls and Testing Rosie McLeod & Becky Seale, Meat Inspectors Manual Dr. Tertius Bergh, Meat Processing Hygiene General, Advanced Dairy Chemistry P. F. Fox & P. L. H. McSweeney (3rd Edition), Advanced Dairy Science and Technology Trevor J. Britz & Richard K. Robinson, Advances in Dairy Ingredients Geoffrey W. Smithers & Mary Ann Augustin, Analytical Methods for Food and Dairy Powders Pierre Schuck1 Anne Dolivet & Romain Jeantet, Applying HACCP-based Quality Risk Management on dairy farms Jos Noordhuizen Joao Cannas da Silva Siert-Jan Boersema & Ana Vieira, Bioactive Components in Milk and Dairy Products Young W. Park, Biotech’s Dictionary of Dairy Science Dinesh Arora, Cleaning-in-Place Dairy, Food and Beverage Operations Dr. Adnan Tamime (3rd Edition), Cultures of Milk Andrea S. Wiley, Dairy Chemistry and Animal Nutrition Dr. V. K. Chhazllani, Milk and Dairy Products as Functional Foods A. Kanekanian, Milk Processing and Quality Management Dr Adnan Y. Tamime, Biochemistry of Milk Products A. T. Andrews & J. Varley, Cheese Problems Solved P. L. H. McSweeney, Chemistry and Technology of Yoghurt Fermentation Salvatore Parisi, Home Made Cheese Janet Hurst.



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