Food Science Universe (FSU)

Introduction to Food Science and Technology

B.Sc 1st Semester (FST)

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#Dictionary of Food Science and Nutrition (A & C Black Publishers Ltd), #Food Science & Technology (Dr. J.A. Awan), #Food Science (Norman N. Potter and Joseph H. Hotchkiss: Fifth Edition), #Experimental Food Science (Marjorie P. Penfield & Ada Marie Campbell), #Food Science and Technology (Lorenzo V. Greco & Marco N. Bruno), #Food Science and Technology (Geoffrey Campbell-Platt), #Introduction to Food Science (General), #Food Science (Sumati R. Mudambi, Shalini M. Rao & M.V. Rajagopal), #Handbook of Food Science, Technology and Engineering (Y. H. Hui: Volume 1), #Elementary Food Science (Ernest R. Vieira: 4th Edition), #Food Analysis Laboratory Manual (S. Suzanne Nielsen: 2nd Edition), #Food Analysis (S. Suzanne Nielsen: 3rd Edition), #Asean Manual of Food Analysis (Prapasri Puwastien, Tee E Siong, Julia Kantasubrata, Graham Craven, Rafael Ryan Feliciano & Kunchit Judprasong: 1st Edition), #Manuals of Food Quality Control (FAO), #Dictionary of Food Science and Technology (International Food Information Service: 2nd Edition), #Dictionary of Food Science and Technology (International Food Information Service), #Dictionary of Food (Charles Sinclair: 2nd Edition), #Benders’ Dictionary of Nutrition (David A. Bender (8th Edition), #Dictionary of Food Compounds (Shmuel Yannai), #Essentials of Food Science (Vickie A. Vaclavik & Elizabeth W. Christian: 3rd Edition).



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