Food Science Universe (FSU)

Food Processing and Preservation

B.Sc 3rd Semester (FST)

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Food Processing & Preservation Dr. J.A. Awan, Food Processing Technology  Principles and Practice P. Fellows, Handbook of Food Preservation M. Shafiur Rahman, Food Processing Handbook James G. Brennan, Physical Principles of Food Preservation Owen R. Fennema Y. H. Hui Marcus Karel Pieter Walstra John R. Whitaker, Organic Acids and Food Preservation Maria M. Theron J. F. Rykers Lues, Preserves and Canning Birgit Rademacker, Home Preserving Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine Shelf Life
Dominic Man, Frozen Food Science and Technology Judith A. Evans, Frozen Foods Y. H. Hui Paul Cornillon Isabel Guerrero Legarreta Miang H. Lim K. D. Murrell Wai-Kit Nip, Chilled Foods Mike Stringer and Colin Dennis, A Guidance How to Determine the Shelf Life of Food Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand Government, A Complete Course in Canning and Related Process Susan Featherstone, Acrylamide and other Hazardous Compounds in Heat-treated Foods K. Skog and J. Alexander, Canned Citrus Processing Techniques Equipment and Food Safety Yang Shan



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