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Food Biotechnology

B.Sc 7th/M.Sc & PhD Semesters (FST)

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An Introduction to Biotechnology AMGEN,  Biotechnology General, Biotechnology A Geneticists Personal Perspective David Suzuki, Biotechnology An Overview PJ Industry & Services René Christensen/John Davis/Gunnar Muent Pedro Ochoa /Werner Schmidt, Biotechnology and Food The University of Arizona, Biotechnology and its Applications Kevin Keener, Fermentation and Food Safety Martin R.Adams and M. J. Robert Nout, Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology (Third Edition) E.M.T. El-Mansi C.F.A. Bryce B. Dahhou S. Sanchez A.L. Demain and A.R. Allman,  Food Biotechnology General Scientific Principles Safety and Regulations FMI, Food Biotechnology J.L. Tietyen and M.E. Garrison, Food Fermentation and Microorganisms Charles W. Bamforth, Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology Victoriano Valpuesta, Handbook of Dough Fermentations Karel Kulp and Klaus Lorenz, IFT Expert Report on Biotechnology and Foods IFT, Managing Innovations in Biotechnology Adam Bartoszek Agata Bekierska Jordi Bell-lloch Teunjan de Groot Emmanuel Singer and Maria Woźniak,  Microbial Metabolism and Biotechnology
Horst W. Doelle, Modern Food Biotechnology Human Health WHO, Recent Advances in Food Biotechnology Research S. Jube and D. Borthakur, Understanding Biotechnology USAID, What is Agricultural Biotechnology PBS ABSPII and USAID,  Technical Guidelines for Saftey in Biotechnology UNEP,  Biotechnology A Brief Introduction IITs IISc and MHRD,  Current Status and Options For Biotechnologies in Food Processing and in Food Safety in Developing Countries FAO, Gm Food Safety Assessment FAO,  Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Foods Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, Basic Practical Microbiology A Manual John Grainger Janet Hurst and Dariel Burdass, General Microbiology Laboratory Manual (2nd Edition) Paul W. Lepp, Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology (5th Edition) Harley, Laboratory Manual and Workbook in Microbiology (7th) Josephine A. Morello Paul A. Granato and Helen Eckel Mizer,  Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology Michigan Agricultural College, Microbiology A Laboratory Manual (5th Edition) Daryl Fox, Microbiology Bio 204 Laboratory Manual Morgan Community College Fort Morgan Co, Microbiology Laboratory Manual Donna Cain Hershell Hanks Mary Weis Carroll Bottoms and Jonathan Lawson, Pharmaceutical Microbiology Manual FDA, Applications of Biotechnology to Traditional Fermented Foods Office of International Affairs National Research Council, Bioprocesses and Biotechnology for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Jean- R icha rd Neeser and J. Bruce German, Biotechnology Applications in Beverage Production C. Cantarelli and G. Lanzarini, Biotechnology Health Food Energy and Environment Applications, Luis G. Torres Bustillos and Ines Garcia Pena.



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