Food Science Universe (FSU)

Technology of Fats and Oils

B.Sc 5th/M.Sc & PhD Semesters (FST)

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Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Oils Fats and Waxes (3rd Edition) David Firestone, Fats & Oils Handbook Michael Bockisch, Fats and Oils Richard D. O’Brien, Bailey’s Industrial Oil and Fat Products (6th Edition) Fereidoon Shahidi, Chemical Technology of Oils Fats and Waxes J. Lewkowitsch, Food Lipids Chemistry Nutrition and Biotechnology Casimir C. Akoh & David B. Min, Foods Lipids Casimir C. Akoh & Georgia David B. Min, Technical Handbook of Oils Fats and Waxes Percival J. Fryer, The Chemistry of Oils and Fats Frank D. Gunstone, The Chemistry and Technology of Waxes Albin H. Warth, Advances in Deep Fat Frying of Foods Serpil Sahin & Servet Gülüm Sumnu, Vegetable Oils in Food Technology Frank D. Gunstone, Edible Oil and Fat Refining IPS Engineering, Olive Oil Chemistry Dimitrios Boskou (2nd Edition), Food Analysis S. Suzanne Nieisen, Control and Analysis for Food and Agricultural Products Kavita Marwaha



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