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Baking Science & Technology

B.Sc 6th/M.Sc & PhD Semesters (FST)

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Baked Products Science Technology and Practice Stanley P. Cauvain and Linda S. Young, Bakery and Confectionery Products Dr.Lakshmi J, Bakery Products Science and Technology Y. H. Hui, Baking Problems Solved Stanley Cauvain and Linda Young, Baking Science & Technology E.J. Pyler and L.A. Gorton, Biscuit Cracker and Cookie Recipes For The Food Industry Duncan Manley, Bread Baking Basics Cooperative Extension Washington State University, Bread Industry and Processes B.S. Khatkar, Bread Machine Basics & Beyond Robyn Sargent, Bread Science Emily Buehler, Bread Troubleshooting Guide Cargill Incorporated, Biscuit Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Manuals Duncan Manley, Emulsifiers in Food Technology Robert J. Whitehurst, How to Make Easy White Bread Paul Hollywood, Introduction to Baking and Bakery Products Weibiao Zhou N. Therdthai and Y. H. Hui, Making Bread at Home Janet L.Cameron, Technology of Biscuits Crackers and Cookies (Third Edition) Duncan Manley, Technology of Breadmaking (2nd Edition) Stanley P. Cauvain and Linda S. Young, The Art of Baking Bread University of Kentucky, The Science of Bakery Products W. P. Edwards, Understanding Baking The Art and Science of Baking Joseph Amendola Nicole Rees, How Baking Works (2nd Edition) Paula Figoni, How to Bake Dennis R Weaver & The Prepared Pantry, More Baking Problems Stanley P. Cauvain and Linda S. Young, Biscuit Cookie and Cracker Manual (Full) Duncan Manley, Bread Staling Pavinee Chinachoti Yael Vodovotz



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