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Food Technology MCQs Online Quiz (Part 5)

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#1. The most popular technique for preservation of cultures including freezing with subsequent drying is referred as:

#2. Most molds can grow over the range of pH:

#3. Special mycellial structure or parts aid in the identification of molds is:

#4. Reproduction of molds is chiefly accomplished by means of:

#5. The whole mass of hyphae (mycelium) may be:

#6. The groups of yeast based on growth type are named as:

#7. False yeasts which produce no ascospores belong to the:

#8. The term wild yeast is used for that yeast which are:

#9. Vapors pressure of solution divided by vapors pressure of solvent is referred as:

#10. The shape of yeast may be of:

#11. The study of morphology deals with

#12. The term mold is applied to :

#13. Inoculate for fermentation must be healthy, active state and thus minimizing:

#14. Mesophilic micro-organisms grow well at:

#15. In culturing techniques, for the selective media of m.o other than desired one to increase/decrease in number to isolate the desired one , there is addition of:

#16. Some growth promoters (metabolites) are produced during:

#17. Fermentation is originated from:

#18. The purpose of culture media is to provide the essential nutrients like:

#19. Which enzyme is tested for cream pasteurization?

#20. Most variable constituent of milk is

#21. What is the application of any effective method or substance to a clean surface for destruction of pathogen is called?

#22. Butter milk is a fluid product resulting from the manufacture of?

#23. A product consisting of a mixture of milk and cream which contains not less than 10.5% milk fat is called?

#24. The process of raising or lowering the percent of fat in milk or cream to a desired standard is called?

#25. At what concentration chlorine sanitizing solutions are usually used in the dairy industry?

#26. A process in which genetic material is transferred from donor to the recipient cell is called as:

#27. The drying out of surface during frozen storage is called:

#28. Usually is used to emit gamma rays

#29. In sterilization high temperature °___ is involved

#30. Generally cold storage temperature is in the range of °Degree:

#31. Blanching is also called as:

#32. Enzymatic browning is due to group of enzymes:

#33. The reaction of amino acid with sugar is called :

#34. Due to oxidation myoglobin is converted into:

#35. ————- means self-destruction and deteriorative changes originated from within the food system:

#36. There are principles of preservation:

#37. Cheese cultures include:

#38. Group of bacteria that produces CH3CHCOOH

#39. The high nutritive value of cheese is due to:-

#40. Similar molecular formula but different structural formula is called as:

#41. Biochemically fermentation is defined as: .

#42. The sterilizing temperature in autoclave is usually 121ºC for 15 minutes under pressure (lbs) of :

#43. In manufacturing yogurt, lactic acid bacteria required to convert glucose into lactic acid are:

#44. Sublimation is a technique of freeze-drying process with a principle:

#45. Normally food spoilage organisms may not grow below :

#46. In controlled storage atmosphere higher percentage of carbon dioxide is used than oxygen and retard the microbial growth above percent of:

#47. Microorganisms that grow best in the absence but can also grow in presence of oxygen are known as:

#48. Autotrophic microorganisms can synthesis their nutrients for their nourishment from:

#49. Main food spoilage agents are:

#50. Bacteria require more moisture than:

#51. Sterilization is done at:

#52. Which one of the following is not fermented beverages?

#53. Whey is the by-product in the manufacture of:

#54. Principal protein in milk is:-

#55. Percentage of water in buffalo milk is:-

#56. What is the principal carbohydrate in the milks of all mammals?

#57. Milk quantity at reception is measured by:

#58. Factors that influence heat transfer are:

#59. Heating of milk is carried out by:

#60. Pasteurization temperature of milk is dependant on:

#61. Steam production in dairy industry is essential for:

#62. Milk after reception in the industry is stored in;

#63. Milk is purchased for processing on the basis of:

#64. How many indigenous enzymes have been reported in bovine milk?

#65. The HTST process for milk involves heating at:

#66. Lactic acid bacteria include

#67. The spore formation in bacteria is:

#68. Which part of bacteria may involve in sexual reproduction:

#69. Shape of bacteria may be:

#70. Bacteria are normally reproduced by:

#71. Colostrum is:

#72. Lipolysis is breakdown of:

#73. Fat soluble vitamins in milk are:

#74. Storch’s peroxidase test is:

#75. The enzymes are named with the addition of:

#76. Semisolid ice cream is placed in a hardening room at a temperature of about?

#77. Legal butter must contain at least what percentage of fat?

#78. Energy value of a food is measured in terms of?

#79. What is the average specific gravity of normal whole milk at 16 °C?

#80. What is the average boiling point of milk?

#81. What is freezing point of milk?

#82. Tests for proper pasteurization are based on the activity of which enzyme?

#83. Yellow color of milk fat is due to presence of?

#84. Lactose reduces copper salt to?

#85. Milk fat differs from other common fats in having a larger percentage of:-

#86. The iodine number measures the amount of:-

#87. Yogurt contains mixed lactic acid culture containing:-

#88. The “eyes” in swiss cheese are formed by the growth of:-

#89. Enzymes in milk are inactivated when:

#90. The process to increase in volume caused by whipping air into the ice cream mix during freezing is called?

#91. 10-15 % more milk is produced with which growth hormones, if injected to lactating cows?

#92. Evaporated milk is concentrated to approximately what times the solid of normal whole milk?

#93. People with high blood pressure or edema are advised to take:-

#94. The aim of pasteurization milk is to:-

#95. Normal bovine milk contains protein about

#96. Milk is an emulsion:-

#97. Which one is used as an emulsifying agent in process cheese blend?

#98. Lactose is disaccharide containing:-

#99. Temperature used in UHT treatment is:-

#100. Rennet belongs to:-

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Food Technology MCQs Online Quiz (Part 5)



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