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Food Technology MCQs Online Quiz (Part 2)

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#1. The first food technologist who wrote book on food preservation

#2. On the body weight basis the protein requirement is higher for

#3. Amino acid essential for children is

#4. In human body protein provide energy

#5. Number of naturally occurring amino acids are

#6. Fats and oils can be made to mix with water in the presence of

#7. Sugars when heated intensely turn brown due to

#8. Which of the following sugar is not a monosaccharide

#9. Sucrose is the product of

#10. Main source of carbohydrates is

#11. Compound that is not used as a gelling agent is

#12. Compound that is insoluble in water is

#13. Which of the following contain higher amount of water

#14. Precursor of vitamin A is

#15. During the peak season of the crop, food prices

#16. Which of the following is our indigenous dairy product

#17. Which of the following is not included in our indigenous product

#18. Snack foods include

#19. Main industry using corn as a raw material is

#20. By-product separated from wheat during milling is

#21. Main component of Pakistani diet for energy and protein requirement is

#22. Poultry meat market is occupied by

#23. Main product of sugarcane in Pakistan is

#24. Major food crop of Pakistan is

#25. Substance that provide energy when ingested is called

#26. Colors provide vitamin——–

#27. The vitamin associated with blood clotting is

#28. In putrefaction, unpleasant ammonia like smell is produced by the action of enzymes on

#29. Chance of enzymatic rancidity is higher in

#30. Autolysis is caused by

#31. Food intoxication is the ingestion of

#32. The temperature resistance of microorganism in high acid food is

#33. Cereal and legumes are the examples of

#34. Malic is an organic acid present in

#35. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is used as

#36. Which fatty acid is present in rancid butter

#37. Lakes are soluble in

#38. Colors provide mineral——–

#39. Majority of enzymes are destroyed at a temperature

#40. Fluorine is needed for the formation and maintenance of

#41. Selenium is associated with vitamin

#42. Goiter is the deficiency disease of

#43. Which of the following is not sulfur containing amino acid

#44. Magnesium is the part of

#45. Osmotic pressure of the body fluids is maintained by

#46. Rich source of vitamin C is

#47. Vitamin B-6 is also known as

#48. Rich source of vitamin E is

#49. Cholecalciferol (D-3) main source is

#50. Main source of β-carotene is

#51. Raffinose is example of ————— carbohydrates

#52. Vitamin made up of thiazol and pyridine moiety is

#53. The vitamin which help the eye to adjust vision in dim light is

#54. Any operation or operations that alter the food value is

#55. Chemically diversified compounds that exit in food as organic compounds are

#56. Kwashiorkor is deficiency disease of

#57. In Ice cream and whipped topping food foam is produced with

#58. Complex nitrogenous compound of high molecular weight are

#59. Oxidative rancidity is catalyzed by

#60. The temperature at which fat ignite is called

#61. The esters of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids with glycerol are called

#62. The stored reserved carbohydrates in animal body is

#63. The principle structural carbohydrates in plants is

#64. Beri beri is the deficiency disease of

#65. The sweetness level of fructose while assigning sweetness of 100 units to sucrose is

#66. Sugar that does not exit in nature in the free form is

#67. Compound that chemically contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, the later two in 2:1 are

#68. Butter and margarine are examples of ————— solutions

#69. Water available for chemical and biochemical reactions is

#70. Melting point of water at 1 atmosphere is

#71. The industry concentrated in Karachi and costal area of Balochistan and Sindh is

#72. Pakistan largest food industry in term of number is

#73. In Pakistan in term of labor engaged food industry rank

#74. The processes to extend the shelf life of food is

#75. A body of coherent and systematic knowledge that deal with understanding food material nature and composition and their behavior under various condition to which they may be subjected is

#76. Hemoglobin is soluble in

#77. Enzyme responsible for enzymatic browning

#78. Hemoglobin is the oxidized product of oxymyoglobin and results in ———— pigment to meat

#79. Any change that renders food unfit for human consumption is called

#80. pH of freshly laid egg white is

#81. Clostridium botulinum mainly result in spoilage of ————– foods

#82. Acid foods have pH in the range of

#83. Normal shelf life of semi perishable foods is

#84. The moisture contents of stable foods vary between

#85. Oxalate is present in higher concentration in

#86. Thiaminase destroys vitamin thiamine in ——————-

#87. Anti-nutrient present in cereal grain in higher amount is

#88. Isoamyl acetate, a well-known compound for its banana like flavor belong ———– group of flavoring compound

#89. Osteomalacia is the deficiency disease of

#90. Mineral associated with the production of insulin in the body is

#91. Potassium deficiency in the body leads to

#92. Ascorbic acid deficiency result in

#93. Pernicious anemia is caused due the deficiency of

#94. Vitamin —————-combines with avidin and become unavailable to the body

#95. Vitamin that take part as coenzyme for carboxylation and transcarboxylation reactions

#96. Vitamin associated with the synthesis of nucleic acid and formation of RBC

#97. The Vitamin which work as a part of enzyme that take part in transamination

#98. Pellagra is the disease caused by the deficiency of

#99. Deficiency of —————- vitamin leads to glossits

#100. Riboflavin exit in the form of —————– coenzyme

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Food Technology MCQs Online Quiz (Part 2)


 8,563 Total Views

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