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Food Microbiology MCQs Online Quiz

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#1. Spoilage in food because of microbial activity can be prevented or delayed by

#2. The growth of aerobic food spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms can be suppressed by

#3. The target microorganism in canning is

#4. Pasteurization is the heat treatment designed primarily to kill

#5. In spore forming bacteria maximum resistance occurs at pH

#6. The time required to kill microorganism at a given lethal temperature is known as

#7. The microorganisms multiply and die in

#8. Acetobacor aceti converts ——————into acetic acids

#9. Two types of fermentations are carried out for the production of

#10. In bread manufacturing, alcoholic fermentation is carried out by

#11. Clostridium botulinum mainly result in spoilage of ————– foods

#12. Any change that renders food unfit for human consumption is called

#13. The temperature resistance of microorganism in high acid food is

#14. Food intoxication is the ingestion of

#15. Clostridium Botulinum is

#16. Thermophiles grows at

#17. Type of yeast used for alcoholic fermentation is

#18. Lactic acid bacteria include

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Food Microbiology MCQs Online Quiz


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