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#1. Food value of ice cream depends to a large extent on its?

#2. Sponification number of butter fat is:-

#3. Energy value of milk having 3.5% fat according to Sharp’s Formula will be?

#4. Lactose reduces copper salt to?

#5. Yellow color of milk fat is due to presence of?

#6. Tests for proper pasteurization are based on the activity of which enzyme?

#7. Starch is split by which enzyme?

#8. What is freezing point of milk?

#9. What is the average boiling point of milk?

#10. What is the average specific gravity of normal whole milk at 16 °C?

#11. Which is the pre-dominating organism in dirty utensils of milk?

#12. Energy value of a food is measured in terms of?

#13. Legal butter must contain at least what percentage of fat?

#14. The high nutritive value of cheese is due to:-

#15. Milk fat differs from other common fats in having a larger percentage of:-

#16. Chlorine compounds have widespread acceptance in the dairy industry due to?

#17. At what concentration chlorine sanitizing solutions are usually used in the dairy industry?

#18. The process of raising or lowering the percent of fat in milk or cream to a desired standard is called?

#19. A product consisting of a mixture of milk and cream which contains not less than 10.5% milk fat is called?

#20. Butter milk is a fluid product resulting from the manufacture of?

#21. What is the application of any effective method or substance to a clean surface for destruction of pathogen is called?

#22. In what from Formaldehyde- preservatives used in milk exists?

#23. Mammary gland’s complete unit of milk synthesis of is called

#24. Fatty acids synthesized in mammary gland are

#25. Most variable constituent of milk is

#26. Which of the following has largest particle size in milk?

#27. Lactose has water solubility of

#28. Which enzyme is tested for cream pasteurization?

#29. Which one is used as an emulsifying agent in process cheese blend?

#30. Percentage of water in buffalo milk is:-

#31. Soft fats in milk fat are:-

#32. Principal protein in milk is:-

#33. Percentage of mineral matter in milk is about :-

#34. Whey is the by-product in the manufacture of:-

#35. Example of soft cheese is:-

#36. Which one of the following is not fermented beverages?

#37. How many indigenous enzymes have been reported in bovine milk?

#38. Destruction of which enzyme is used as an index of super-HTST pasteurization?

#39. Rennet belongs to:-

#40. Temperature used in UHT treatment is:-

#41. Lactose is disaccharide containing:-

#42. CaCl2 is added at the rate of:-

#43. What is the principal carbohydrate in the milks of all mammals?

#44. Milk is an emulsion :-

#45. Normal bovine milk contains protein about

#46. The aim of pasteurization milk is to:-

#47. People with high blood pressure or edema are advised to take:-

#48. Evaporated milk is concentrated to approximately what times the solid of normal whole milk?

#49. 10-15 % more milk is produced with which growth hormones, if injected to lactating cows?

#50. The process to increase in volume caused by whipping air into the ice cream mix during freezing is called?

#51. Semisolid ice cream is placed in a hardening room at a temperature of about?

#52. The “eyes” in swiss cheese are formed by the growth of:-

#53. Yogurt contains mixed lactic acid culture containing:-

#54. The melting point of milk fat varies normally between :-

#55. The specific gravity of milk fat at 21°C is?

#56. The iodine number measures the amount of:-

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Dairy Technology MCQs Online Quiz



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