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What Happens If a Housefly Sits Down to Food

When a housefly sits down to food, people usually blow it up with their hands and eat it. But once the housefly has come, it will not let you eat comfortably.

If a Housefly Sits on Your Food it will Spoil the Food and in this article, we will learn how a housefly can spoil the food so that in the light of this information we can decide to ignore the housefly. Whether he is just a housefly is to continue eating or to decide that eating housefly food can be dangerous.

One thing is for sure, the housefly will contaminate the food from where it sits on the food and even though the housefly is small in size, it can pose a bigger problem for our stomach than its size and this problem is dangerously big.

The Housefly can Spit on the Food as Soon as it Sits Down

We desperately need to understand that the Housefly Converts Food into Liquid Form Before it Eats Food with its tubular mouth and for this purpose, it throws its saliva on the food and then eats the food.

If a housefly throws its saliva at food, it will contaminate your food and you do not know how toxic, it is because You do not Know What the Housefly ate Before it Sat on Your Food.

The housefly may have eaten anything Rotten Fruit, Rotten Meat, Dirt, or even waste and all these things can put on your food with its saliva.

She can Lay Eggs on Your Food
Uncovered food sold on carts in the market is the most popular place for houseflies to lay their eggs where they lay their eggs and these eggs also produce new little houseflies after a while and if the eggs of these houseflies When we eat food, Dangerous Bacteria can Enter our Digestive System and cause havoc, so do not eat food that is not covered and on which flies are sitting, and food that is always leftover. Cover to keep flies away from the food.

The average lifespan of a housefly is about 28 Days and a female housefly can lay about 500 eggs in her lifetime and she lays 75 to 150 eggs per day.

The Housefly’s Legs and Feathers are Infested with Bacteria
We know that houseflies are full of germs, but even larger amounts of germs are attached to the body of the housefly, especially the housefly’s legs and wings, and the housefly’s body wherever it sits. Settlements are formed and these Germs can Cause Great Trouble if they are ever eaten.

Flies can cause more than 60 diseases
Houseflies can transmit more than 60 diseases to humans because they sit in dirty places all day and also catch germs from those places.

Infectious Diseases of the housefly usually include diseases such as Patches, Diarrhea, Cholera and Leprosy. The housefly not only bothers humans with these diseases but also many Animals get Infected by the housefly especially the Chickens etc.

Keep your food out of the reach of flies and always try to Keep the Food Covered and whenever you eat, sit in a clean place where there are no flies and do not allow flies to grow in your house. Keep the House Clean and periodically Clean the Floor of the house from phenols etc. So that germs and flies do not grow.

Author: Ali Ikram1, Babar Bin Zahid2, Areej Azhar3

  1. Ph.D. Scholar GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan
  2. MS Scholar GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan
  3. BS (Hons) GC University Faisalabad, Pakistan




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