Incredible Benefits of Wood Apple (Bael Fruit)


Wood Apple is also known as Bael Fruit that belongs to the family of Rutaceae and the genus of Aegle. The Scientific name of this astonishing fruit is known as Aegle marmelos. Sweet, aromatic and astringent in nature. Bael fruits are Spherical Shape 7-10 cm Diameter, with a Hard Exterior. Raw fruits look greenish-grey while woody exterior turns yellow upon ripening. The fully ripened fruit contains fragrant or aromatic pulp along around 10 to 15 Seeds, enclosed in a sac filled with natural adhesive. It is a seasonal fruit and appears during Summer.

Bael fruit is a rich source of Vitamins (Riboflavin, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin-C), Protein, Carbohydrate, Steroids, Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Volatile Oil, etc. When compared to other fruits it can contribute significantly to the daily nutrient needs of an individual. It can also be consumed as a major supplement for deficiencies of many other foods in an advantageous manner.

Most people nowadays are Unaware of the Nutritional Value of this herbal bael fruit and the health benefits that they can gain from or by consumption of bael fruit. In comparison with other table’s value fruits, bael fruit is not popular among people. To develop the willingness among people to consume as a major fruit due to having Unique Nutritional and Medicinal Value. The high medicinal value of bael fruit is capable of Reducing the Effects of Certain Diseases. This fruit is also Anti-Inflammatory and has an Anti-Microbial property which can protect the body from harmful microbes. Bael fruit is beneficial and is used in one and another form for getting their benefits.

Review on Bael Fruit Texture and Taste

Wood Apple (Bael Fruit) is Good For Health

Bael is considered Important for Health as it provides benefits without compromising on expecting quality and also wood apple nutrition empowering the overall health of the users that can help us in many ways.

  • Excellent for Digestion good amount of nutrients and fiber found in this fruit that can help the user to improve their digestion easily. A small amount of consumption of bael fruit Maintains the Digestive System, improve consumer digestive power.

  • Rich in Vitamin-C which strengthens and Boosts the Immunity System and prevents infection. Scurvy is caused due to deficiency of vitamin-C a life-threatening condition Bael Fruit is a Good Source of Vitamin-C which prevents scurvy.

  • Treat Kidney Disorders improving the health of the kidney and helping to perform all its functions properly.

  • The major issue nowadays is Diabetes, maintain the Blood Sugar Level.

  • Act as Antioxidants have a high amount of Phenolic Compounds which are known antioxidants. All parts of the Bael tree play a significant role to cure damaged cells that are caused by free radicals and Prevent Degenerative Diseases like Dementia, Heart Diseases & Cancers. Also protect skin, nail, eyes, and brain health.

  • Beneficial for Treating Diarrhea and Cholera (juice extracted from wood apple has Tannin which helps to prevent cholera and diarrhea), Respiratory Problems, maintain Cholesterol Level, and remove toxins and Purify the Blood.

  • Cure Liver Problems, wood apple contain Riboflavin and Thiamine which are known to Boost Liver Health and bael fruit act as a major ingredient in the cardiac tonic.

Include Wood Apple into Your Diet

It is important to include the benefits of bael fruit in your diet. Possible ways for Adding Bael Fruit to Your Diet add in your salad, juice, and also in any kind of dessert. Consume in proper quantity not in excess to avoid any kind of side effects.


  • Bael fruit Should not be Consume Regularly.
  • Take a small amount to avoid any side effects.
  • Excessive amounts of consumption cause a Heavy Sensation in the Stomach.
  • Avoid by the Lactating Mother and Pregnant Women.
  • Thyroid and People Who are Allergic should avoid it.
  • People with Gastric Problems should be careful while consuming it.
  • Excessive consumption can cause a major effect on Low Blood Sugar.
  • It can be the reason for Skin Problems or Allergies.


Wood apple is readily available in the market, it is considered as an Under-utilized Fruit because of consumption among people is considerably low. Most people are also Aware of the Nutritional and Medicinal Value of this herbal fruit and willing to consume it if provide as snacks or some other source. Provide health knowledge, awareness, treat diseases or cure problems by using this fruit. Rich in Nutrients and Minerals to fulfill the user requirement and good for health benefits.

Authors: Ayesha Shafique

Degree: B.Sc (Hons)

Major Subject: Food Science & Technology 

Department: Food Science and Nutrition

University: University of Sargodha, Pakistan

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