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Black Persimmon as Immunity Booster during COVID-19 Pandemic

The prevention and control measures of COVID-19 reflect these practices such as sports, psychology, medication and diet. There is a massive emphasis on the utilization of those fruits and vegetables, providing greater immunity power as coronavirus attacks people with low, poor, weak or damaged immune systems; especially people under and overages it becomes an open invitation for infectious diseases. Many fruits and vegetables help in the nourishment of beneficial intestinal bacteria and the overall microbial health condition which is responsible for up to 85% of the body’s immune system.

In Pakistan, black persimmon is commonly known as “Amlok” or “Kala Amlok” and is originated mainly in Swat valley, district Malakand, Charsadda and many other areas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Unripe blackish-blue globular fruit with fleshy fibrous skin, 1.5-2 cm diameter; 270 g weight presents musky and sugary aroma and astringent taste. The brown-colored ripened fruit containing 2 or 6 seeds is normally consumed both as fresh as well as in dried form as small, delicious and succulent fruits having a sufficient amount of edible juice.

Black persimmon is an enriched source of vitamin C which aids in immunity boost up by enhancing resistance against many microbial and viral infections. Moreover, black persimmon can be a good replacer for those people who do not like citrus fruit, as 100 g of black persimmon provides 25 percent of the recommended daily dietary allowance of vitamin C. It is considered a healthier alternative as it contains about four times as much as vitamin C present in an average orange.

Furthermore, black persimmon contains a definite number of phenolic compounds, tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids and saponins contributing towards enhanced antioxidant activity and provides a defensive mechanism against lethal microbes and virus human body. Tannins present in black persimmon are found to be 20 times more effective than tocopherol or vitamin E. The antioxidant activity of vitamin E exerts a protective role in fighting against many infectious diseases in the human body. Additionally, this fruit can be used as sedatives, laxatives, febrifuges, antitussives, antiseptics and for treatment of diarrhea and dry coughs by local inhabitants. In a nutshell, the lethal effects caused by this pandemic can be lessened by promoting the awareness of consumption of immunity-boosting healthier foods and black persimmon is an exemplary source in this regard.

Author: Tayyaba Mehmood (MPhil Food Science and Technology)

Supervisor Name: Dr. Saima Tehseen (Assistant Professor)

Address: Government College Women University, Faisalabad, Pakistan 



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