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Preparation of Paneer (English)


  • Milk = 800 mL
  • Citric Acid (2%) = 100 mL


Heat Treatment of Milk:
  • Take good quality cow milk and filtered it with the muslin cloth and standardized for fat 3.5% by applying Pearson’s square method.
  • Then transfer milk into a stainless steel container and heat at 85-90 ºC for 5-10 minutes.
Curd Making:
  • After the heat treatment, cool the milk at 70 ºC with the constant stirring before the coagulation with 2% citric acid.
  • Then add 2% citric acid solution in the milk bit by bit with constant stirring until the complete coagulation and also to avoid making larger curd.
Drainage of Whey:
  • The curd then allows settling for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then drain off the whey by pouring in the muslin cloth and fill the obtain curd in the circular hoop which is lined with the muslin cloth and press the curd for the removal of remaining whey and obtain a block of paneer.
  • After the complete removal of whey, the resultant block of paneer is sliced into four equal pieces.
Packaging and Storage:
  • The sliced pieces of paneer then carefully wrapped first in a plastic sheet to avoid moisture and contamination then finally wrapped in an Aluminum foil.
  • Then store the wrapped pieces in a refrigeration temperature (4 ºC) for 15 days for the ripening of paneer.


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