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Preparation of Frozen Dessert (English)


  • Milk = 1 Litre
  • Cream = 100 mL
  • Sucrose = 150 g
  • Fat = 100 g
  • Fruit Pulp (Any Fruit) = 150 g
  • Egg = 1 egg
  • Corn Flour = 19 g


  • All ingredients were weighed using beam balance according to the selected formulation. Milk and cream were measured volumetrically.
Addition of Ingredients
  • Milk was pasteurized, sugar was mixed in pasteurized milk and the egg and cornflour blended in pre-pasteurized milk were added. After a few minutes of heating, the cream was added in the mix.
  • The frozen dessert mix was pasteurized at 72 °C for about 30 minutes. Pasteurization of the frozen dessert mix is a legal requirement to ensure public health safety. Before pasteurization, it was ensured that all the ingredients have been mixed uniformly.
Addition of Fruit
  • Mix was cooled up to 55 °C and then blended pulp of desired fruit was added.
  • Just after the pasteurization, the mixes were homogenized by manual stirring.
  • After homogenization, the prepared mixes were immediately cooled in the deep freezer to maintain the temperature about 4 °C. After cooling the mixes were left in the freezer at 4 °C for 4-6 hours, with occasional stirring. The changes that take place during ageing include;
  • 1) Combination of stabilizer with water of the mix
  • 2) The fat solidifies during ageing
  • 3) Mix ingredients may become more stable
  • After ageing, the mixes were separately fed to a manual frozen dessert freezing machine. When frozen dessert was frozen to desire consistency, it was drawn from the freezing machine to desirable disposable cups and quickly transfers to the deep freezer having a temperature about -10 ℃. The functions of freezing are the following;
  • 1) To incorporate air into the mix
  • 2) To freeze a portion of water in the mix


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