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Canning of Meat (English)

Beef, mutton, chicken and fish are also low acid foods and require similar heat processing treatments as vegetables. Since the heat treatment is severe, chicken often disintegrates in the cans and becomes almost unfit for further cooking.

  • Butcher Knife
  • Sharp Knife
  • Stainless Steel Kettle
  • Salt
  • Glass Jar
  • Exhaust Box
  • Retort


Preparatory operations for beef:
  • Remove fat, connective tissues and blood clots with butcher’s knife.
  • Cut the meat into chunks, 4″ long and one inch thick using a sharp knife.
  • Boil meat for 10 min. in 2.0% brine.
Preparatory operations for chicken:
  • Slaughter the birds, de-feather or remove the skin. Singe the de-feathered birds to remove fine hairs.
  • Eviscerate the birds and cut into desired pieces.
  • Boil for 10 minutes in a 3% brine solution.
  • Fill the boiled pieces into the cans.
  • Pour the same boiling brine used in Step “c” in the cans, leaving a headspace of 1/4″ to ‘A”.
  • Exhaust beef for 7 min. and chicken for 3 min. at a closing temperature of 92°C.
  • Seal immediately after receiving from the exhaust box.
  • Place in retort. Heat process (beef and chicken) for 60 minutes at 121 °C.
  • Cool the cans immediately to 43 °C in cold water.
  • Dry, label and store in a cool dry place.


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