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Kurkure Production Process

The extrusion process is the base for Kurkure production process. The fully automatic production process begins with the procurement of raw material; Cornmeal, Grammeal, and spice mix masala seasonings. The procurement of raw material depends on the quality parameters set by PepsiCo Global Standard for Safety and Quality. In addition to this, the sample goes through the quality control lab and then the process starts. Production begins by blending meal i.e. rice, corn, and gram at a certain ratio with an addition of water.

Kurkure Production Flow Chart

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Kurkure Production Video


Extrusion of the blended meal begins by passing through an apparatus called Extruder. In the extruder, the raw materials are pressed through a die using high-pressure build-up by the screw and high temperature created by shear between sleeve and screw. The pressure drop at the die causes the snack to expand and the face cutters set the desired snack length and mass. After extrusion, the frying process begins in fryer using edible oil for extra crispness and for shelf-life. Further Spice mix seasonings sprinkled throughout the batch through seasoning tumbler. Now the product is ready for packaging. In addition to this, metal detector scans the final product to look for foreign particles.


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